Spearmint, Basil & Patchouli All Natural Bar soap

$10.00 USD

Spearmint, Basil and Patchouli essential oils provide an uplifting scent. The main scent is Spearmint with a hint of Basil and Patchouli. This soap bar is a member of our all natural line. Spirulina powder has been added for its color, vitamin content and and thought to have free radical fighting benefits to help keep skin looking young with even tone and brighter complexion.

 *Palm free *Coconut oil free

 Ingredients: Rice bran oil, Babassu oil, Distilled water, Sodium hydroxide, Avocado oil, Cocoa butter, Castor oil, Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Spearmint essential oil (EO), Sweet Basil EO, Patchouli EO, Spirulina powder, sodium lactate (salt), Cruelty free Tussah silk

 ~ 4 oz.